Akasha in the Nude

A painting that will be on display at Rebellion Electric Tattooing this Friday for the first "Non-Christmas" Christmas Show. An amazing bunch of tattooer's and a few other artists will be showing work for sale in spirit of the holidays. All peices will be sold under $150. The show starts at 8pm Friday December 18th. Rebellion Tattoo is located at 987 Santa Fe Drive, Denver Colorado 720-381-6090. Please check out their website!! Rebellion hosts some of Denver's best including Preston Chambers, Ben "Chase" Thompson (the picture on his myspace page is a tattoo he blessed my arm with!!) and Jher 451.


Bird, Bird, the bird is the word...

I have a great fasciantion with things that fly, especially birds, and especially the ones who live in my head :) Here are some lil' dudes who have just been picked up in a storm and have since lost there home! After the winds have died down, they try to recollect themselves and fly back to when'st they came! Updated painting to come....

Stripper Snowflakes

Oooo la la.... Something sassy and cold that will warm your... well...your inspiration!  Here are two snowflake desgins I did for a clients new clothing line coming out soon! Click on the images for a larger view!


Delton Demarest - ART OPENINGS!!!!

Want to get a great gift for the holidays? How about heading down to one of these local shows and pick a piece of art by none other than, my partner-in-crime, Delton Demarest! Brave the cold and head on out to INDY INK for their The Gift of Getting show where everything is under $100. You buy it, you take it home the same day! Then head back down Lincoln to DCCS where the DOPE GROUP is hosting a holiday show with some great artists including Sam Turner, keithjive, and M. Ouija. Saving the best for last, you can find the finer side of the art world at ABEND GALLERY located on East Colfax + York.  It is the annual 'Mini  Holiday Show'. All pieces displayed are size 8" x 10" or smaller. Some of Denver's best in the fine art world will be on display. If you have not had your fill of art by Saturday, stop by the STRATEGY ROOM for the release of a new line of shirts designed by none other then Delton himself (yes, the man has been BUSY!!!) DJ AWhat will be on top of the sound and there will be plenty of Christmas present items to pick up as well! Hope to see you all out there!



Pencil drawing and water color of my new favorite character.

Road TRIP!

A few pictures of a well recommended stop on the way from Phoenix to Texas in October. San Xavier. A beautiful church circa 1632!


Infinite Piracy

An older drawing I pulled out of the crates. Deciding whether I am going to paint in washes or attempt water color. I really like this image, and think I am going to attempt a few more in this style...

The World is Listening TIME LAPSE!

Time lapse created by SEETWIST PRODUCTIONS for 'The World is Listening' mural project done early this summer with  Delton Demarest and 8ch. Two days of work combined into a 5 minute video. Amazing to see it all come together! Enjoy!


Dia de los Muertos show at VAIN SALON

My latest work is at VAIN for the Dia de los Muertos show. I have a few pieces displayed along side some of Denver's most talented! The show will run for the next two months. Other artists show cased include, Sandi Calistro, Jeff Kopp, Jenny Lee and Adam Rosedale of Th'ink Tank Tattoo, Joseph Martinez and Janelle Recendez with her awesome purses, baby bibs and blankets, to name a few. The opening was awesome, lots of good people, jello shots being handed out by beautiful "catrinas" decorated in phenominal hair styles created by the folks at Vain and dressed in boldly colored and designed, hand made costumes. Stop by and check out the art and while you're at it, get your hair did! You won't be disappointed!


Femme Fatale 4

Here are some images of the art at my booth and the painting I was working on live at the Femme Fatal 4 event. Finished product to come!


The World Is Listening Mural

This mural was done in Five Points for an organization known as "The World is Listening", which commissioned Delton Demarest, 8ch, and myself to create a mural based on numerous visions collected during the DNC last fall. Here is the wall before as well as a few photos from the community unveiling. Special thanks to everyone at G.R.A.S.P., the Catholic Worker, Stephanie Phibbs, Francisco and everyone else at TWIL! Most importantly, thank you to my siblings and neice who all made it out for the unveiling!!! I love you guys! Final images to come,courtesy of Seetwist Productions.



Come check out Denver's finest on September 24th at FEMME FATALE, a showcase of some of the Mile Highs most talented females. With a fashion shows, music showcase and live painting there will surely be something to quench the creative palette! Keep updated at www.FemmeFataleLife.blogspot.com

New Sketch

Working on some thangs... new sketch!


Heart Peddler

Come check out my deck at 'Skate Deck Art Show 2009' Being Hosted by Plastic Chapel and Indy Ink this First Friday! All decks in the show will be on display at Indy Ink , Thrifty Stick and Th'ink Tank (whichis where my deck is located) on S. Broadway. There were over 200 boards sold so it should be a great display of Denver talent. Afterwards head over to Guerilla Garden for some art by fellow artists Delton Demarest and 8ch. Show starts at ten!


First Interview!

I have made the decision to undertake the task of documenting the history of Denver Graffiti, book style. This is going to be a year long process filled with stories and pictures and events seemingly forgotten by the younger generations... I begin my adventure with my first interview, a little insight of things to come, with LOVE ~ RTD. I am extremely excited about this new adventure:) So much to hear, I can't wait to finish our interview. This is one of the best projects I have decided to embark upon! Stoked!


A bike ride home one evening placed me a top the 8th Ave bridge coming in from the West Side. This shot is looking west. A great spot to rest after a long bike ride.