New Painting Idea

As I am becoming more accustomed to working part time, I am readjusting my brain to think creatively again! I have been sketching, drawing and imagining as much as I can and hope to turn out some great paintings in the near future. Here is a sketch in progress for a new painting. I have been in the habit as of late, to get ready with my mug of coffee +  my ipod all whilst wrapped in the most luxurious robe, which is where I drew my inspiration for 'Bath Time'. I LOVE my decision to get back to the heart and passions in my life... Expect some great things to come in the next couple months!


GrittyVelvet said...

This drawing is awesome Alicia! I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work.

Karma Leigh said...

Thanks MissVelvet! I am getting back on the ball from taskforce break!