Drawing from observation - Denver Zoo

For the last few months my zoo membership has been getting some wear + tear! Around September I began steadily using the membership I was given at Christmas (eep!) to not only see the amazing animals we have at the zoo but, to begin learning more about animal anatomy and drawing from observation. My wonderful boyfriend who is a formally trained RMCAD graduate, expressed how useful this drawing can be to any artist. I must say, I have DEFINITELY seen an improvement in sketching and character design even after a few months. The most amazing outcome of drawing from observation is it is beginning to train my eyes to view things in shapes, forms and light and dark. It has really hiegntened my awareness to certain details as well and is also helping to keep my creative juices flowing! I am becoming looser with my hand and can not wait for warmer weather! Here are some of my sketches over the last few months. This has become - by far - my favorite pass time! Also -Please check out the Denver Zoo's newest development ASIAN TROPICS, the most recent 10 acre redevelopment which will include more space for our elephants!!! Please click here for more information as well as how to donate. http://denverzoo.org/AT/construction_updates/photos_updates/index.html

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