Ooo! What a G-R-E-A-T night this is going to be!!! June 23rd @ Cervantes

There are many different styles of music my soul enjoys but the most influential genre of music in my life has, hands down, been hip hop. I was fortunate enough to be brought up during what most consider the "golden age" of hip hop  -the 90s. Truly some AMAZING songs and memories come from a generation of music not many are able to capture... Well... if you feel as I feel about hip hop, then come down to Cervantes on June 23rd for the dual album release of A.V.I.U.S "For Better or Worse" + "En Stereo" self titled (Mane Rok + Es Nine) The show will also host a special guest performance by legendary artists THE ARTIFACTS - classic music from the east coast - DECA as well as Rhias * Deejay Tense * DJ Cysko Rokwel * Sarah Golay * Jessica Jones. Check out the album art work from Denver artist Delton Demarest on "For Better or Worse" This is a night you wont want to miss and trust when I say the cats on this bill will NOT disappoint!

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