* My first major accomplishment *

During my sophomore year in high school I decided to enter a school-wide contest to design our high school flag. I went to Evergreen high school - the home of the cougars. I came up with this design which beat 24 other students and I also won a $100! At the time, I was an incredibly shy kid and was forced to walk from the top bleachers down to the gymnasium floor to accept the award in front of our entire school. Embarrassed... but incredibly excited! Then, during my senior year in high school, Alumni Jeff Ashby, an astronaut with NASA was embarking on a flight into space and wanted to take something from Evergreen High with him...Lucky for me it was the flag! The article is about the flight and Jeff Ashby which I recently found going through old photos with my grandfather, and the flag is in a glass case still on display at Evergreen High School. I have tried numerous times to find out where they made the flag to try and get one for myself but the info is long gone and I have no idea when they stopped flying it. This is the actual flag which flew in space ^__^
Here is a link to the space flight info! http://www.spacefacts.de/mission/english/sts-93.htm

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