Sunday Sketch Day

As I am gearing up for the next couple of art shows, I have been in super, idea, sketch mode. Sunday was a perfect fall day here in Colorado and rather then be cooped up inside drawing - I went to the park in between Civic Center Park and the State Capitol. Unknown to me there was a festival with, paleterias, mexicano musica, and lots folks in good spirits, celebrating Mexican Independence Day. There were also a LOT of very hectic boots inspiring the sketch "Mr. Che Doh'. I didnt have my camera handy or this post would include a shot of the most INSANE silver, sequin-ey, sparkly, looks like they belonged in a Beyonce music video they were so blingy, "roach stomper" boots I have EVER seen! There were several interested little kids stopping by and I gave another day of the dead drawing to this little girl who gave me a thumbs up on my drawing. I did neglect to photograph it but I gave it to her on the condition she never throw it away... Heres hopin! HA! I also started working on a few small paintings, basica shapes and making said shapes opaque... It was a very wonderful amazing day yesterday!

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