*Alice In Chains* + otha thangs...

The beginning of the year has, for me, been creatively slow but wonderful once I beat the nasty cold the NYE winds brought in... I have completed my Alice in Chains painting and I am currently working up some sketches for live painting at the Lady Wu Tang show at the end of the month!

Prior to the new year, I was commissioned to do a painting for a client combining Denver and Chicago's skylines with the addition of his wife and his name. This was a gift for Christmas and the idea was to create these two cities together, symbolizing their marriage and the family they have created together.
It was fun trying to imagine what the two cities would look like together while ensuring his wife would love it.
I was super pleased to her she knew right away what the concept was when she opened it on Christmas, down to the names being where they were. {The painting is above the bed and the names are opposite where they sleep}

There is SO much awesome, amazing, and fun stuff going on the last week of January I can't W-A-I-T!!!
Beginning January 23rd - I will  be attending, and working at several different events!
It is all about holiday parties, SIA - Prime Element - Dilated Peoples - Na Palm - DJ Vajra -  Common - Atmosphere + THE LADY WU TANG!
I will have more updates on each individual event as I acquire them.

In the meantime - here is *Alice in Chains* and a few other photos over the last couple months ...

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