Current Project and Progress - Set back drop for Southern Baptist Sissies play.

I was recently contacted by a friend to paint pseudo-stained glass windows for the set design of a play entitled, *Southern Baptist Sissies* , presented by The Denver Element and Theater Out Denver.
All proceeds for the event will go to The Denver Element http://thedenverelement.com/

A brief description of the play -

"Southern Baptist Sissies is a comedy/drama about four young men struggling with their sexuality against the backdrop of religion. Its roots of inspiration are buried deep into the bedrock of hatred that was the Matthew Shepard murder. As is typical with Del Shores plays, SBS deals with real and emotional issues... but does so in a way that makes us laugh at ourselves... and then challenge our ways of thinking and acting." 

Please click on this link for more info, show times and ticket info.

Also- The Facebook page invite!

The panels are plexi-glass and being painted with pin striping paint for the black out lines and craft paint to obtain a transparent affect when the light shines through.

These are some of the progress shots. I will have a total of four panels when completed!

Very exciting for me as I haven't had anything in a play since high school!

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fina said...

looks great alicia! i'm loving the colors.