Danielle + Larry

I was commissioned to paint the Denver skyline combined with Chicago's skyline for a Christmas gift from a husband to his wife. It was a very last minute request and so in order to have it done by Christmas I was unable to get a high res photo or scan. Larry was gracious enough to provide these photos for me! Thank you Delton for assistance on the letter design.

Larry wanted to give his wife something for Christmas with more meaning behind it then the standard piece of jewelry, clothes etc... He asked me if I would be able to combine the two city skylines since she is originally from Chicago and he, Denver. We talked it over and decided on the color scheme and based on how they have decorating their house. Also - we decided to add the names on the opposite side from which they each slept.

I like the way it turned out and his wife was incredibly excited when she opened it as well! {it was the last gift AND was hidden, wrapped, under the couch} Danielle, also knew EXACTLY what he had done and why and with his personally written poem attached to the back - it was a Christmas gift they will both treasure for years to come!

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