Got Tail?

Here is a painting I started at the FeminiNitty show a couple Saturdays ago. As I was painting, I had a couple who were incredibly interested in the painting. I have stayed in contact with them and they have agreed to purchase the painting! Thank you April and Tony for your support {and purchasing a few other things} I really appreciate it and cant wait to work with you all again!

Thank you Casuals CC for introducing me to some great folks that night and helping me spread my art work to new clientele.

I was really happy to finally paint this drawing. I have used graphite, as well as marker with it before but painting it truly conveys what I had in my head. It also is a stepping to stone a new design I am working on for an all girl bike group called "Vixens". This painting is very similar to what the girls are looking for and painting it has invoked more inspiration for the drawing.

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