On Deck 7 - A couple of quick phone photos

Here are a few process shots of the deck I created for the On Deck Show in Missoula Montana!
I transferred my drawing to wood + had my Studio 72 partner Harrison Nealey, cut it out with a jig saw to the shape I wanted. I spent about two hours just sanding it into perfection, trying to ensure the circle was as close to perfect as possible, not an easy task!
I then painted the girl in acrylic washes, spray painted the deck with *Bullet Proof* Evolve spray paint, glued the completed girl piece to the deck and finished it off with a reclaimed shoe lace! (Thanks to Delton Demarest for giving up his laces for the cause ^__^)

The show will be at Brink Gallery in Missoula MO May 4th. All decks will be auctioned and proceeds will be used to help build free skate parks with Montana Skate Park Association.

I am still contemplating a quick weekend road trip to check out the show...

ALSO - I recently found out a super awesome artist I know out of DC - Decoy- will be in the show as well!
Check out here work at Decoyink.com or Albuscavus.com

I will have better pictures up later but for now - here you are!

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