Talib Kweli to speak at Metro State College

Just a heads up!

Talib Kweli will be speaking at Metro tomorrow at NOON for free.
Here is the info from Metro on the event.
Should be a thought provoking lecture!

Name:Talib Kweli (Sankofa Lecture Series)
Category:Campus Wide Events
Location:Tivoli Turnhalle
Date:Friday, April 13, 2012 (Start at 12:00pm)
Description:Often branded as “emcee Talib Kweli” artist and Hip-Hop icon, Mr. Talib Kweli Greene, has been named the Sankofa Lecture Series spring 2012 keynote speaker at Metro State. The core intent of the lecture series is to make known and address social inequities in society. As a genre, rap music holds a provocative position at the intersection of cultural resistance and linguistic anthropology. Therefore, the use of Hip-Hop culture as medium to analyze and address social inequities engenders participation from people with broad cultural, ethnic, and socio-political interests. Talib Kweli will discuss the historical and current importance of Hip-Hop as a site of cultural resistance, and the use of Hip-Hop culture in pedagogical practices. This event is FREE and open to the public, no tickets are required.

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