ON DECK 7 this FRIDAY! Missoula Mt @ Brink Gallery !!!

I, along with my partner in crime - Delton Demarest - are making our way up to Missoula, MT to attend the    ON DECK 7 show at Brink Gallery
I previously posted an image of the deck I created and am very happy to actually attend the show! 
We will be driving north through the windy state of Wyoming and then through the beautiful sky country of Montana. ROAD TRIP! 
We will be hitting Yellowstone on the way back as well and I am SO ecstatic! 
I hope to have some amazing pictures of the show, Missoula, a wooden carousel and some of North Americas most beautiful and geographically diverse landscape, in a later post. 
Till then, if you are in Missoula hope to see you there! 

Here is link to the Montana Skatepark Association which the proceeds from the auction will benefit.

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