An Awesome And Successful Weekend!

There were a few things I was involved in over the weekend. This first event was Vanity Dollz 1st Annual Car Show - Totally great group of women put this show on. There were a lot of great vendors, performers and CARS! 
XL Wing, El Rey + I held down a booth again + had a great time chillin outside in the sun- It truly felt like home to us... La Shy girl also made an appearance... 

The second event was Indy's 10 year Anniversary Show. There were so many talented artists showcased, it was a blessing to have my work displayed amongst some really talented people. Thank you Dave + Aaron for creating such an incredible space were I have had the great fortune of meeting some great people!!! {Cant wait to play fantasy basketball league with you guys!}
Max K - thank you for curating the show! 

The last thing I did was participate in Denver Plein Air paint out at Red Rocks. This was my second attempt at painting landscape and on location... Definitely not my forte - however - by the end of the event I hope to produce something of significant quality and style, true to myself.
I ended up painting over the progress... Next time I will keep on pushing! I also feel like I have a better idea of my own personal progression towards a final product and what tools I need to use acrylic outside. 
I know, I should probably try oil - but not yet... 

Later on Sunday I went the Meadowlark to sell more jewelry with Ms XL Wing + El Rey. The event was hosted by Denver Nuggets DJ Bedz+ DJ LowKey with proceeds going to Denver Safe House. DJ Bedz momma bought a pair of the Wu earrings! She loved them and was so cute modeling them for me! 

Here is a pictorial review of the weekends events! 

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