Indy Ink 10 YEAR Anniversary show AND Vanity Dollz 1st Annual car Show! Aug 18th!

This Saturday is gearing up to be a great day! Wazee Union will be host to the 1st Annual Car Show put on by Vanity Dollz who are current occupants of the warehouse space. 

Xencs L Wing + I will have a booth there with all of our merch as well as art for sale. Definitely come check it out! There is a ton of space for lowriders and classic cars too! 

I will head from the booth to shake HANDS and kiss babies over at Indy Ink! 
The requirements for the show were 8" x10" and had to have your work on paper. 
For my piece, I tried my hand at acrylic on watercolor paper. I cut the final character out and attached to a piece of water color paper I spray painted with Evolve and attached that to another piece of spray painted water color paper. 
I am happy with the final piece, though, I wish I would have invested in a higher quality water color paper from the get... I wasted a lot of time messing with a very poor quality paper... So, my future attempts should be a little lighter and hopefully this is something I can capture the delicacy of charm better! 

I included a progress shot of partner in crime Delton Demarest's piece for the show + my final piece. Also - The flyer with info for the car show!!!



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