Washington Park Paint Out - At NIGHT!

So- I have signed up to participate in this years Denver Plein Arts Festival. It began on August 10th and I have attempted painting at Red Rocks. This last Sunday was my 3rd overall attempt at painting "en plein air" and my first attempt... in the dark.. or.... a "nocturne". I was joined by Delton Demarest and good friend and follow artist Javier Flores

I must say, painting at night on location can very well become something I fancy doing on a regular basis! The air was wonderful... The moon was glowing half of its light across the sky and the sounds are strange and peaceful. I have always been a nocturnal person and I honestly felt incredibly at home in the dark {well, the street lamplight helped a lot}. 

So, besides having forgotten the incredibly important crimson red I needed to mix my acrylics and my general lack of experience painting landscape, I pushed forward and attempted to do my best regardless of the circumstances. 

My painting is not complete but I do anticipate spending some time on it in my studio... May even give oil glazing a try... For now here are the shots of the night. 


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