Visual Recap Of The Last Couple Weeks!

Working at the fellas new studio in Denver, allows us to actually WALK to get coffee at night which is AWESOME! Worked on a lot the last couple weeks... Delton Demarest was hustling away on pieces for his show as well.  Thank you to Studio 72 + Broken Bread familia for allowing me to create in the new building.

Colorado Crush was rad and I had a ton of fun meeting some really fly ladies, seeing old girlfriends and kicking it with Filthe and Opt who were hustling their merch as well! Check out FamaVintage.com for your vintage sports gear! 

As usual - many thanks to my girl Xencs and to El Rey. I am truly blessed to have such an awesome support system and comrades to enjoy working with. 
More H-U-S-T-L-E to come! 
Here are some pictures of the happenings! 

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