Its the Last Day to Register to VOTE!!!

Regardless of my political affiliation or thoughts about government, I feel it is incredibly important to vote! 

The 19th Amendment was passed less the 100 years ago and to me, it would be a disservice to all of the hard work the women before me put in to make this possible for me. I trust and believe they had foresight and it was for their daughters, grand-daughters, great-granddaughters and would be for naught, if I were to not participate. 

 I do feel a little disheartened by politics, or politicians and very sadden and disgusted by the ridiculous ads I see on my lunch rooms television; Each   candidate taking turns bashing one another with vague and conveniently edited clips, perfectly timed grimaces, facial captures and finger pointing... I still feel it is my blessing to vote. Some feel voting is a false sense of importance, a false belief an individual or a whole can make a difference. Some feel voting simply does not matter. I can not allow myself to become numb and still live here, content with all the blessings I have been afforded. 

I feel BLESSED to be able to voice my opinion in my blog, on my facebook through my photography and on the streets. I may be chastised for my opinion sometimes but I can honestly say I am lucky to continue to be able to voice it. 

I have learned it is more important to stand apart from the norm then to blend in... Blending in now-a-days is doing nothing and becoming numb. 

One last thing I feel about this years election, A quote from Susan B Anthony seems to be eerily relevant. 

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