On Deck 8 May 3rd Missoula Montana!

This year I decided to keep with the ideas I had last year to create a deck with a more 3D feel. I used balsa wood in various thickness to create the desired affect. I very much love design work and Dia de Los Muertos and these were the two main factors in my design. 

The woman was painted in washes built up until some areas were opaque. I decided to Exacto knife her out of the original circle she was painted on and placed her on a new circle to create dimension. 
I really love this piece and had a blast creating it. 

This deck is now available for auction online and will be open to live bids on Friday May 3rd at The Brink Gallery in Missoula, Montana for On Deck 8! 
There is an original Haroshi deck available to bid on as well! 

Delton Demarest was also accepted this year and has an incredible piece up for auction as well... 

Check him out at DeltonDemarestArts.com for more details! 

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