Dreamin On Chrome and Westword Music Showcase: Saturday June 22nd!

If you are interested in purchasing jewelry, prints or some art, stop by one of the two booths I will have this weekend. 

Xencs L Wing will be at Westword Music Showcase with her and my wonderful creations. 

I will be hanging out at Dreamin On Chrome hosted by the Casuals CC. The Atomic Drifters will be performing and move in for cars is 8am. There will be a pin up contest as well as tons of vendors! $3 to enter and you will have access to the entire flea market as well! 
 10am -5pm. 

Info for Dreamin On Chrome at the Mile High Flea Market:

Info for Westword Music Showcase in the Golden Triangle area:
So much music, it takes a serious plan of attack to enjoy all your local favs! 
Check out Devan Blake Jones, HWood, Stay Tuned, Bianca Mikhan, Prime Element, DJ Lowkey and many more! 

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