Sketch - Angels Eyes

Quick drawing and paintings from this week *Dawn*

The part time thing is working out wonderfully and surprisingly, even though I worked at 530am the other day - I was able to come home and paint this small concept afterwards. The painting is 2" x 4" on wood with acrylic. I chose to leave some things out of the drawing opting for a more simple and flowy vibe.  I will probably repaint this in different tones to see what other effects I can achieve. It would be rad to see whta darks reds would look like and possibly a smaller ose - more true to the original.


New Painting Idea

As I am becoming more accustomed to working part time, I am readjusting my brain to think creatively again! I have been sketching, drawing and imagining as much as I can and hope to turn out some great paintings in the near future. Here is a sketch in progress for a new painting. I have been in the habit as of late, to get ready with my mug of coffee +  my ipod all whilst wrapped in the most luxurious robe, which is where I drew my inspiration for 'Bath Time'. I LOVE my decision to get back to the heart and passions in my life... Expect some great things to come in the next couple months!


Shoe Shine 5 TONIGHT!

Another year... another Shoe Shine event! Shoe Shine is an annual Sneaker Exhibition and Competition with the goal of creatively engaging youth and the community at large through the integration of visual art and sneakers.

Athletic shoes or “sneakers” have become a fixture in fashion and popular culture, becoming increasingly valuable to their owners or collectors. Shoe Shine showcases the sneaker as an artist’s canvas unlike any other and allows us to marvel in the poss...ibilities for self-expression through footwear.

With this event, we provide young people, who often view sneakers as symbols of status or wealth, a channel to view them as art and as a medium to express their individual artistic abilities.

The shoes in the event are displayed gallery style, and a prize is given to the winner from each of the five categories that include; Best Men's, Best Women's, best Customized, Oldest & Cleanest, and Best in Show. Winners are determined by a combination of audience ballots and a small panel of celebrity/ expert judges.

Other elements of the event include: 1.) A “Customize Your

Own Sneaker” contest where children are invited to color-in a sneaker “silhouette” and receive a prize; 2.) The "Use the Backboard" exhibition where some of the nations top artists transform basketball hoops into amazing works of art; 3.) Custom painted sneakers commissioned by some of Denver’s top artists; 4.)“Live” shoe painting and customization; 5.) A skate competition and demo by local and national riders, prizes, games and giveaways for all ages.

Additionally at this year’s Shoe Shine, we will be working with Denver non-profit, The Prodigal Son Initiative, collecting gently used shoes for the “Souls for Soleil” drive which is an effort to provide footwear for Grace Village, an orphanage in Carrfour, Haiti.

ALL AGES WELCOME! $10 Adults $5 under 18


October First Friday @ Rebellion Tattoo!

Rebellion Tattoo will be hosting Meagan Spendlove on October 1st during the Santa Fe art walk! We are incredibly excited to have her in attendance for the opening as well. The show will begin at 7pm. See you there!


Cody Brueckman at Rebellion Tattoo on First Friday July 2nd!

The next show I will be hosting presents artist and sculptor Cody Brueckman!Sculptors of religious icons depicted in non-traditional ways evoke a beautiful and curious insight into ones own religious beliefs. I cordially invite you to view these pieces in person on July 2nd First Friday at Rebellion Tattoo located at 987 Santa Fe Dr. Denver Colorado. While you are putzing around on the internet - check out http://www.rebelliontattoo.com. Four amazing tattoo artists with spectacular portfolios!


Little Lady -

Working on series of paintings for an art show I  am helping to organize and will also show at June 4th hosted by HELLDORADOS + La Muerte - Cars, art + Truck-O-Saurus! Should be a great time! Till then enjoy!


All about the MARY, the MOTHER, the IDEA...

Regardless of our religious views, cultural backgrounds or upbringing, the Virgin has become a well recognized figure in our society. I want to explore this image through a variety of styles and artists so with out further ado, I present to you THE VIRGIN MARY - a group show at Rebellion Tattoo in the Santa Fe Arts District. June 4th First Frist - 7-10pm


FIRST FIRDAY May 7th at Rebellion Tattoo 987 Santa Fe 7-10pm

Hello all!

I am back in the curating biz and my first event of the year will be a solo show featuring new works by - Harrison - hosted by Rebellion Tattoo.

A unique, colorful, abstract approach inspired by various mediums and social circumstances, Harrison's work is sure to leave you in awe!

Feel free to stop by and take a gander, have a drink and while you're at it, browse through one the shops four artist portfolios...
Who knows, you may just get your self a new amazing and custom tattoo!
To see more of Harrison's work please check out... www.Professiopus.blogspot.com
Feel free to pass this around!! Post on FB Tweet it, if you're still on the space, there too

Rebellion Tattoo is located at 987 Santa Fe Dr, Denver CO 80204
http://www.rebelliontattoo.com/ 720.381.6090

Thank you for your time



Come join myself and friends down at the Rackhouse Pub located at 208 S Kalamath st. We will have JNGL from Costa Rica in house as well as Helin Mooxie and John McEvoy from New Mexico. Local artists include Migule Urdiales and Leandrea Walter. The show is from 6pm - 9pm Hope to see you there!


ShoeShine 4.0 Winter Edition

Another collaboration with Delton on NIKE boots. The event had a theme this year *Space*  and each artist had to design their boots based on the planet they picked. We chose Jupiter -inspiration coming from Roman mythology and the story of Jupiter + Juno, the rulers of all the gods. Delton worked on Jupiter + I, Juno. The boots were shown in two different venues; first was an event thrown by Never Summer at Mile High Station and the second at Andenken Gallery. I LOVE how the final product came out! Numerous people thought the were vinyl decals!