Cafe Cultura Tomorrow! Xencs L Wing painting LIVE! And a booth!

We will have a booth set up tomorrow during the live performance of 

 I have a ton of new earrings, calendars as well as several new magnets for sale. There will also be a few small paintings, jewelry boxes and prints! 
Xencs will be painting live during the event - 
They are asking for $3 donation but no one will be turned away! 

Come help support the benefit and arts tomorrow night! 
Friday December 14th 7:30pm at Denver Inner City Parrish/La Academia on 9th + Galapago! 



Pictorial Updates

I have been very uninterested in the succubus internet as of late and have fallen behind on updating. So - Here are some images of what has been going on in my little world!


Mercado at Museo de Las Americas 12.7.12!

I have two booths tomorrow!!! the first -sadly- is not open to the public. It will be at National Jewish Hospital and open to employees and patients only. IF you work there swing by! Delton Demarest will also be selling things with me! Yay!
In the evening for First Friday I will be at Museo de Las Americas on Santa Fe with my partner in crime Xencs L Wing and El Rey holding down a booth as well! I have new earrings and a few new prints to sell as well!

Not only do I have the booths but our good friends at Indy Ink on S. Broadway are having their annual cash + carry show. Loads of great artists selling pieces for UNDER a $100! Check it out I am certain you will find somethin for an incredible deal!

Lastly - I will be t Abend Gallery on Colfax for their annual Holiday Mini Show - featuring fine artists from Colorado and other cities - all pieces are roughly under 8" x 10".

So come out if you can and say hello before the weekend finally reminds us it's winter and turns cold and snowy!


This is what I need in my life!

This is the best idea and the most awesome thing I have seen in a while.. And now I want to do this! 
I think it will be even better then skydiving! 

I want to fly - I love water, jetskies and to combine the two... AGH! 

I will soon live near an ocean! 


This Saturday 8 Bit 2 at Family Affair Oct 13th!

Come down and check out new work by Denver artists! 
The DJs for the night will be local legends Es Nine and Tense

I asked my brother to collab with me on this new project, I really have enjoyed how inspired he has become while living with me. This will be our first  sibling collab so excited to show it! 

See you there! 


Its the Last Day to Register to VOTE!!!

Regardless of my political affiliation or thoughts about government, I feel it is incredibly important to vote! 

The 19th Amendment was passed less the 100 years ago and to me, it would be a disservice to all of the hard work the women before me put in to make this possible for me. I trust and believe they had foresight and it was for their daughters, grand-daughters, great-granddaughters and would be for naught, if I were to not participate. 

 I do feel a little disheartened by politics, or politicians and very sadden and disgusted by the ridiculous ads I see on my lunch rooms television; Each   candidate taking turns bashing one another with vague and conveniently edited clips, perfectly timed grimaces, facial captures and finger pointing... I still feel it is my blessing to vote. Some feel voting is a false sense of importance, a false belief an individual or a whole can make a difference. Some feel voting simply does not matter. I can not allow myself to become numb and still live here, content with all the blessings I have been afforded. 

I feel BLESSED to be able to voice my opinion in my blog, on my facebook through my photography and on the streets. I may be chastised for my opinion sometimes but I can honestly say I am lucky to continue to be able to voice it. 

I have learned it is more important to stand apart from the norm then to blend in... Blending in now-a-days is doing nothing and becoming numb. 

One last thing I feel about this years election, A quote from Susan B Anthony seems to be eerily relevant. 


And Another One Bites The Dust...

Another sketch I did recently. Been having a lot of fun sketching with colored pencil. I like the softness while I am scribbling on paper and I also like being able to semi blend mistakes. Having a lot of fun drawing lately!


Sketches for Paintings

I may re-work a few things on some bone structures and flow, but here are some ideas I am working on for a show on November 02! 




I am so completely and thoroughly ecstatic right now I can not contain myself! 
I will see my all time favorite DJ and producer DJ Premier perform with another legend - Pete Rock !!!! 

My creative slump will be fully shaken after tomorrow night I cant WAIT! 

This is the kind of show you tell your grand kids about! 

I seriously fell in love with hip hop in the 90s and these two have helped to develop my undying love for the true school sound 



Harrison Nealy: Beauty Is - At DVSN West! Sept 28th!

Good friend Harrison Nealey is having a show with new work at DVSN West in Cherry Creek later this month. Please stop in - Harrison is truly one incredibly creative soul! DJ Mu$A will provide the tunes and there may be an after party hosted by Black Shirt Brewing. 
Share the love and repost! 


Visual Recap Of The Last Couple Weeks!

Working at the fellas new studio in Denver, allows us to actually WALK to get coffee at night which is AWESOME! Worked on a lot the last couple weeks... Delton Demarest was hustling away on pieces for his show as well.  Thank you to Studio 72 + Broken Bread familia for allowing me to create in the new building.

Colorado Crush was rad and I had a ton of fun meeting some really fly ladies, seeing old girlfriends and kicking it with Filthe and Opt who were hustling their merch as well! Check out FamaVintage.com for your vintage sports gear! 

As usual - many thanks to my girl Xencs and to El Rey. I am truly blessed to have such an awesome support system and comrades to enjoy working with. 
More H-U-S-T-L-E to come! 
Here are some pictures of the happenings! 


Vendor Booth At Colorado Crush Sept 8th

I will have a Vendor Booth with Ms XL Wing this coming Saturday Sept. 8th. 
The daytime events are free and will be on the East side of Denver. 
My good friend Mane Rok has been helping to organize the event and bring in some great performers such as The Artifacts from the East Coast...!! 

Should be a great day with a lot of *Hip Hop* spirit flowing about... 
There will be graffiti art, break dancers, emcee battles and vendors. 
Come check out the event! 


*Primary Elements* Ping Pong Paddle!

Here is a phone picture of the piece I completed for the show on Sept 6th. 
I used primary colors for mixing and aerosol for some texture.  I designed my paddle based on the four elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth
I have been wanting to paint more in my design style lately and forgot how time consuming it is to paint cleanly with out a lot of build up of acrylic as well as a solid opaque look. 
I had fun painting as usual and will be working some of my designs into future pieces! 
Check out the show on Sept 6th at DVSN WEST in Cherry Creek! 


Paddle Kings Art Show + Tournament

This week I will have a piece in this show. All proceeds will be donated to Advocacy Denver. Check out their website for more information on what the are all about! 
There will be over a 100 different artists participating in the show and there will also be a tournament!