Little Lady -

Working on series of paintings for an art show I  am helping to organize and will also show at June 4th hosted by HELLDORADOS + La Muerte - Cars, art + Truck-O-Saurus! Should be a great time! Till then enjoy!


All about the MARY, the MOTHER, the IDEA...

Regardless of our religious views, cultural backgrounds or upbringing, the Virgin has become a well recognized figure in our society. I want to explore this image through a variety of styles and artists so with out further ado, I present to you THE VIRGIN MARY - a group show at Rebellion Tattoo in the Santa Fe Arts District. June 4th First Frist - 7-10pm


FIRST FIRDAY May 7th at Rebellion Tattoo 987 Santa Fe 7-10pm

Hello all!

I am back in the curating biz and my first event of the year will be a solo show featuring new works by - Harrison - hosted by Rebellion Tattoo.

A unique, colorful, abstract approach inspired by various mediums and social circumstances, Harrison's work is sure to leave you in awe!

Feel free to stop by and take a gander, have a drink and while you're at it, browse through one the shops four artist portfolios...
Who knows, you may just get your self a new amazing and custom tattoo!
To see more of Harrison's work please check out... www.Professiopus.blogspot.com
Feel free to pass this around!! Post on FB Tweet it, if you're still on the space, there too

Rebellion Tattoo is located at 987 Santa Fe Dr, Denver CO 80204
http://www.rebelliontattoo.com/ 720.381.6090

Thank you for your time