Sketch - Angels Eyes

Quick drawing and paintings from this week *Dawn*

The part time thing is working out wonderfully and surprisingly, even though I worked at 530am the other day - I was able to come home and paint this small concept afterwards. The painting is 2" x 4" on wood with acrylic. I chose to leave some things out of the drawing opting for a more simple and flowy vibe.  I will probably repaint this in different tones to see what other effects I can achieve. It would be rad to see whta darks reds would look like and possibly a smaller ose - more true to the original.


New Painting Idea

As I am becoming more accustomed to working part time, I am readjusting my brain to think creatively again! I have been sketching, drawing and imagining as much as I can and hope to turn out some great paintings in the near future. Here is a sketch in progress for a new painting. I have been in the habit as of late, to get ready with my mug of coffee +  my ipod all whilst wrapped in the most luxurious robe, which is where I drew my inspiration for 'Bath Time'. I LOVE my decision to get back to the heart and passions in my life... Expect some great things to come in the next couple months!