Another painting in progress...

A painting I started live at the 2nd Queen Beez show at the D-Note. This peice is at an approxiamte 60% complete status of right now. The orginal drawing (and a susequent painting previously in my blog) were a lot less dark. I had never anticipated it becoming a more feirce and dark character, one I feel invokes visions of a vampire or creature of the night (I have been re-reading Anne Rice lately too!)  Final to come soon!

A few small works in progress

I have been bringing my watercolor pencil set to work with me to multi-task and get a better feel for these amazing little inventions! I also have a Sakura "pocket feild sketch box" water color set with a mini paint brush which accompanys me in my journey through learning. The above drawings are a few older characters I have drawn and just recently pulled out and dusted off.  I am in the mood for mixed media and will be adding guache and some acrylic as well as ink to these drawings. Please disregard the low quality of photo - my phone is slacking... Enjoy!


Life beyond the brush -

A recent trip to the zoo with my siblings, niece and my partner in crime. Spring time weather has been moderate and a lot of animals have been out and about! The cassowary rarely makes an appearance so I am very proud of the shot I was able to capture! Enjoy!