Visual recap of the last week!


Some photos from The Artifacts w/Enstereo and A.V.I.U.S. on June 23rd and Westword Music Showcase with Chromeo June 18th



I have taken some time off of being responsible to celebrate my 30th birthday!!! I had a wonderful birthday spent at the lake with family + friends, nothing beats summer time with the ones you love! Enjoy this photo I borrowed Film Noir Photos - I thoroughly enjoy this website and gain loads of inspiration from here as well! This next year looks to be a great one - a new website with prints, and apparel as well as other fun items to purchase along with art pieces as well as a few shows in the works!  I will have a few pieces on display at Broken Bread at Wazee Union for 2nd Saturday in July. Back with more updates manana!


Latest character - Since I am slacking on painting...

Since I have yet to finalize the painting I last posted (due to fear of over working it eeep!) I went to Broken Bread this week and got some good uninterrupted drawing in. This lil lady came out my head in couple hours. I began drawing an arm and a hand - things metamorphed into something wholly different then what I had in my head.. I went with it and after staring at it for a while (in small intervals) I realized some proportions were off and reworked the arms and hands. I like her a lot.. I may make her my new mascot!  


Ooo! What a G-R-E-A-T night this is going to be!!! June 23rd @ Cervantes

There are many different styles of music my soul enjoys but the most influential genre of music in my life has, hands down, been hip hop. I was fortunate enough to be brought up during what most consider the "golden age" of hip hop  -the 90s. Truly some AMAZING songs and memories come from a generation of music not many are able to capture... Well... if you feel as I feel about hip hop, then come down to Cervantes on June 23rd for the dual album release of A.V.I.U.S "For Better or Worse" + "En Stereo" self titled (Mane Rok + Es Nine) The show will also host a special guest performance by legendary artists THE ARTIFACTS - classic music from the east coast - DECA as well as Rhias * Deejay Tense * DJ Cysko Rokwel * Sarah Golay * Jessica Jones. Check out the album art work from Denver artist Delton Demarest on "For Better or Worse" This is a night you wont want to miss and trust when I say the cats on this bill will NOT disappoint!


A Philadelphia Photo Story February and March 2011

I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped out from the subway on Market St. in Philly back in February. The city was amazing!!! Such a great vibe and I was overjoyed and surprised at how much the city embraces public art and promotes murals through out... Every corner I turned, ( I walked... and walked... and walked and turned many corners) there was something new and amazing and between the art, the history, the culture and the museums... I was incredibly fulfilled and invigorated after visiting the City of Brotherly Love! Here are a few pictures from my trip! I must mention - if given the chance - make sure to stop by the Mutter Museum.. a collection of oddities and wonders from the history of the scientific world!


Rally The Troops!

Another painting in progress

I have taken on a very difficult task for myself and this is painting a face -foreshortened- This is a portion of the painting and I am diligently working to get the proportions of the face correct. Very tedious and time consuming but a challenge I openly accept as it has taught me a lot about shapes, shadows and myself as an artist! I know I can handle this kind of work and I feel wonderfully good about pushing myself and my comfort zone. I should have the completed piece up tonight!


A painting for my Lil Sis!

I am waiting to get a full scan of this peice so the pictures are not 100% true color nor was I able to caputure the peice in its entirity. This was painted using acrylic on a wood panel approx 24"x36". This was actually a trade for an ipod from my sister oh so long ago - and I never quiet finished BUT she will be heading off to Law School (!!!) this summer and thought she could use some inspiration in her California diggs!