Progress of Portrait of Holyfield...

I learned a lot while working on this painting, mostly of how I work and the process's I need to go through to attain my goals. I feel like all that is living in my head can finally come out! Changing what you normally do is a great way to reinvigorate and learn! Enjoy!


*Portrait of Holyfield With Bandaged Ear *

YAY! I have painted my first man! I am really pleased with the way this portrait turned out! The theme of the show is 80s + 90s sports culture. I stepped out of my comfort zone, and I am happy I made the decision to do so! Super excited to be showing this piece, tonight, at Division West. Please check out the flyer for details! Please check out Fama Vintage for all your vintage gear needs if you are unable to make it to the show tonight!
The painting is done on wood panel in acrylic 24" x30" The piece will be on display and for sale all month at Division West or you can email me at karmaleighta@gmail.com


Characters who dwell in my brain...

While hangin the other day while a mural was being finished, I grabbed the sketch book and threw down a few quick character sketches - The first one is actually an idea I have for a painting and I was inspired by friend Lainey. She has the coolest sense of style and her hair is always on point! The painting will be inspired by Gwen Stefanis song - Im Just A Girl.


FAMA art show on July 29th!

I will be participating in an art show on July 29th. The piece I am working is completely out of my normal range of subject matter and will be a challenge. However, the concept is pretty rad! The theme of the show is sports culture of the 1908s and 1990s. I am working on a piece I think is comedic and artistic in nature. Cant wait to see it completed! The piece needs to be complete by July 28th.. Check back soon for the final product!

Water Color in progress - Color Study

Working on a color study for the character I posted a while back. I am pretty certain she will be my lil mascot!


Paintings in progress -

Working on several different projects and slowly working on these paintings. Trying to get the angels on the face just right and the shading perfefct.. Super tough...!!! We shall see in a weeks time what comes of everything!