Plenty to DO this weekend Pick ONE or MORE! (Or ALL?!)

This weekend there is PLENTY of great things to partake in! 

Abend Gallery on York + Colfax is having their Annual Miniature Holiday Show. Denver fine artists will have paintings 8x10" and smaller available. Delton Demarest will have paintings on display and for sale as well.
2260 East Colfax
There are also a lot of shows for First Friday in all art districts! Get ya local holiday shop on!

For those in need of a good indie hip hop fix + some straight freshness... Well, don't miss HOW THE GROUCH STOLE CHRISTMAS TOUR ft Grouch, Eligh, Zion I, Evidence and Prime Element
Tickets are $24 and doors are at 8pm! They will also be in Boulder on the 3rd and Ft Collins on the 4th!!! 
Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
2635 Welton St Denver CO 80205

Then SATURDAY - Tooeys will be hosting the 3 Year Anniversary of EsNine + Cysko Rokwel's 90s House PARTY!!!! Xencs L. Wing and I will have art on display and for sale. I will also be painting live so come down with high tops pumped and dance the night away! 
Tooeys Off Colfax 
1521 Marion St Denver CO 80218

Great things to do - great people to support - Great way to kick off December! 


90s House Party 3 Year Anniversary at Tooeys!

I will have a few paintings inspired by 90s music on display at the 90s House Party 3 year Anniversary December 3rd.
EsNine {Prime Element and Enstereo} as well as cohort Cysko Rokwel {Prime Element and Crunk Bros}  host a night on the 1st and 3d Saturdays every month mixing up a great array of jams from the 90s  ensuring everyone leaves feeling sweaty, happy, nostalgic or that much cooler for the dance moves they busted out on the floor.
They will be bringing out Double K from People Under the Stairs as a guest DJ for the event as well as Denvers own Lazy Eyes
Always a great time - Always great people!
Catch me at the booth selling some prints or on the dance floor!

PS - There is always NO COVER!

99th Problem - Music video from Denver and article from REVERB

It pays to tweet. When video directors Lockerpartners noticed the recent Tweets of Denver hip-hop artist Mane Rok regarding the Occupy movement, they decided to approach him about a possible collaboration. They couldn’t have made a much better choice for the task.
“Through my work as part of L.I.F.E. Crew — the 14 man hip-hop crew — it was in my background to round up a group of artists and put a project together,” said Mane Rok in a recent phone interview. In short order, he brought on board some of the best and brightest from Denver’s hip-hop community: Dyalekt, Bravo One, Kalyn Heffernan of Wheelchair Sports Camp, Aja Black and Jonny 5 of the Flobots. “I reached out to various artists I both work with and admire, as well as going beyond those lines (and) reaching out to others I knew supported the movement and also represented the 99 percent.”

The video “99th Problem” opens and closes with comments made by former Florida congressman Alan Grayson on the “Real Time with Bill Maher” show recently. In between is a series of stirring performances from the above-mentioned artists shot amid lines of riot police in Denver’s Civic Center and through protest marches downtown.
“Occupy, as many have noted, is kind of a blanket movement for a series of issues that we (as a) nation face,” said Mane Rok. “It’s no longer the cries and moans of the disenfranchised, under-privileged American minority — these are issues that we all, the 99 percent, face. This is an awakening of the average American, realizing that there is a very minute amount of folks controlling our money, lives and politics.”
In addition to the video, Mane Rok is also involved with a series of weekly song releases about the movement. Look for the next release, by Denver-based artist Molina, in a special edition of Steal This Track on Wednesday, Nov. 30.
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Denver-based writer Sam DeLeo is a published poet, has seen two of his plays produced and is currently finishing his second novel.

The World Premier of 'Protect Ya Neck' by the Lady Wu-Tang!

The world premier of 'Protect Ya Neck' by the Lady Wu-Tang

Directed by Brandice Robinson 

The Lady Wu-Tang is:

Xencs L Wing .....The RZA
Dj Manizer ..........The Genius A.K.A The GZA
Bianca Mikahn .....Raekwon
Suzi Q Smith ........Method Man
Ralonda ...............U-God
Isis Speaks ..........Ol' Dirty Bastard
LadySpeech ........Ghostface Killa
DJ Bella Scratch ..Inspectah Deck 

Thank yous and shout outs to the following folks who helped make all this possible!
The Dope Film Crew:
Brandice Robinson - Director
with Fa'al Ali, Troy Robinson, Chris Quick

The Fierce Posse:
DJ Desire
Camille Rose
Ashlee' Johnson
Kaylyn Heffernan
Coco Davies
Karma Leigh
Natasha Gallegos

Also amazingly Instrumental and very important

Ty Hubbard of the Space Creators and Wazee Union 
Mercury Sauce 
Carlos EsNine Ayala
Sarah Vell 

From the woman who orchestrated this all the one and only RU Johnson! 


1st Annual Dia de Los Muertos party at Funky Buddha Nov 5th!

I will have some prints and a few art pieces for sale as well and will also be a living piece of Xencs L Wings art - Love me some Funky Buddha in the Winter AND  I can stumble home! BAM! WINNING!
The event will also include WHOREBATH - LA MUERTE - PBR - and some of Denvers BEST LOCAL HIP HOP ACTS!
Come down and make this event a success!!!!

The Worlds Best DJ lives in Colorado!!!

Well this last few weeks has been super busy in a great way - Until I have some images edited and collected - here is something I wanted to share with yall! In a world full of cd DJs, there are still the amazing masters of the original craft and Colorado happens to be the home of the DMC World Champ,  DJ VAJRA!!! I have seen his skills first hand and he definitely doesnt disappoint! This man has a vast knowledge of music and knows just how to use it and make a crowd move! Congrats to VAJRA on winning in London! Here is a video for you to enjoy!