Amazing-ness in Denver

With the conclusion of "Terminal Kings", Denver saw Souls of Mischief + Z-Trip + Sub.Mission at City Hall alongside, world famous artists, David Choe, Sam Flores and Highgraff this last week.
Check out the info about the event here.  http://www.terminalkings.com/
This is an incredibly huge step for Denver AND the art scene in Denver. I hope this event has opened those oh  so tightly closed doors in the city. It seems, finally, Denver is getting on board with urban styled art and artists.

This week  Denver hosts the Annual SIA: Snow Show. 

Thursday is the official kick off party and it has brought along with it - SEVERAL - performers!
City Hall will be the Official SNOW DOWN party, with Dilated Peoples, Na-Palm, Twista,  DMC Champ DJ Vajra,  Ectocooler and more. Sponsored in part by Pacifico, they have hired Delton Demarest to paint live. Please check him out as he has been working diligently on some projects with them!
Info on times and tickets:

BROTHER ALI is performing at the Ogden theater for the SIA afterparty - If you have not listened to or seen him live, you should! F-I-R-E!!!

REDMAN will be performing FOR FREE at the Exdo Center! Sponsors InkMonstr, are hosting FREE 4 All Vol. 2. Check out the Facebook invite - Please note the word FREEEEEEE....?!

PRIME ELEMENT will be all over Colorado and TONIGHT - they will be performing in Boulder at the Fox Theater with PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS!
Dont sleep! They are also performing with DILATED PEOPLES on this mini home tour!!

Friday will host the FIRST EVER Winter on the Rocks - A concert hosting ATMOSPHERE, COMMON GREIVES + BUDO and GET CRYPHY

Saturday night has THE LADY WUTANG performing at City Hall and yours truly will be painting live during this event. DJ Cavem will also be on the bill and the ladies will be backed by Prime Elements ES NINE. 

Also on Saturday - Mane Rok will be at Casslemans promoting a show with DJ QBERT!


Diamond Member -

Ahhhh - for those that know... They know... and if this is you .. I am sorry for you!


Please join us at Studio 72, Wazee Union for tomorrows Open studios. All the artists spaces will be open for display from 7-11 pm. Harrison Nealey, Delton Demarest, and myself will have new work for sale, and a great preview of the new years upcoming projects. Hope to see you there!

Blue Christmas

Here is a quick painting I did as a Secret Santa gift for a client. I have been terrible at blogging lately so its a little past the holiday but it is here! 


Experiments in Make Up!

I have been in love with makeup since I was a little girl - I wanted to have blue eye shadow and red lips. Purples - glitter and pink - I loved it all! In high school, I would sneak glitter or "fairy dust" as we called it then, to school along with other shadows and do my eyes up all purdy like on the bus. {to avoid the wrath of my mom!}
I am finally at a point in my life where the career path I had wanted to follow proved to be one I was not meant for so, I have decided, along with painting, I am going to forge my way into the world of makeup artistry.

Here are two faces I have had the pleasure of creating.
Thank you Tara and Paige for your patience and support as I build my confidence in this new art form!


*Alice In Chains* + otha thangs...

The beginning of the year has, for me, been creatively slow but wonderful once I beat the nasty cold the NYE winds brought in... I have completed my Alice in Chains painting and I am currently working up some sketches for live painting at the Lady Wu Tang show at the end of the month!

Prior to the new year, I was commissioned to do a painting for a client combining Denver and Chicago's skylines with the addition of his wife and his name. This was a gift for Christmas and the idea was to create these two cities together, symbolizing their marriage and the family they have created together.
It was fun trying to imagine what the two cities would look like together while ensuring his wife would love it.
I was super pleased to her she knew right away what the concept was when she opened it on Christmas, down to the names being where they were. {The painting is above the bed and the names are opposite where they sleep}

There is SO much awesome, amazing, and fun stuff going on the last week of January I can't W-A-I-T!!!
Beginning January 23rd - I will  be attending, and working at several different events!
It is all about holiday parties, SIA - Prime Element - Dilated Peoples - Na Palm - DJ Vajra -  Common - Atmosphere + THE LADY WU TANG!
I will have more updates on each individual event as I acquire them.

In the meantime - here is *Alice in Chains* and a few other photos over the last couple months ...