A day late (or couple months!)

 Wow- I thought I had made a little post about painting for the Lady Wu Tang Show back in January. Apparently, it slipped away from me so here are some photos from the event as well as the process for drawing and the process so far on the painting.



Drawing From Observation

It has been a long time since I have made my way to the Denver Zoo for a bit of observation and sketching. Yesterday was a great day to be out, though the wind was a bit much and there was a ton of dirt on my face by the end of the day,
The first thing we saw on our way to check out the progress of Asian tropics, was one of the male tigers who is nearing two, chillin on the chain link fence! So cool - so "I don't give a damn".
As we made our way around the zoo - we also came across the a Andean Condor who was get some wind in his wings. He still had down on his neck and his primary feathers were still developing but he was HUGE! Every time a 25+ gust of wind would rise he would open his wings and stretch them.. so cool!

Here are a couple drawings I did -added some personality to the giant elephant shrew and was intrigued by this catfish, who was easily 3ft long, who seemed to be equally intrigued by me.


Cherry Creek Mask Project

I was asked to paint a mask for the "Cherry Creek Mask Project" by the Sales Squad at the Curtis Hotel.
I have always wanted to partake in this event which benefits the Denver Hospice and is kind of a "big to do" in Denver.  It is an auction with all proceeds going to benefit the Denver Hospice.

My design ideas were inspired by the Curtis Hotels retro theme as well as the palette used for marketing and branding. I have not painted in this style for a long while and love to do it, though it is tedious and time consuming to paint so clean and keep it smooth.

Here are progress shots as well as the final piece. I will have more press info soon!



Got Tail?

Here is a painting I started at the FeminiNitty show a couple Saturdays ago. As I was painting, I had a couple who were incredibly interested in the painting. I have stayed in contact with them and they have agreed to purchase the painting! Thank you April and Tony for your support {and purchasing a few other things} I really appreciate it and cant wait to work with you all again!

Thank you Casuals CC for introducing me to some great folks that night and helping me spread my art work to new clientele.

I was really happy to finally paint this drawing. I have used graphite, as well as marker with it before but painting it truly conveys what I had in my head. It also is a stepping to stone a new design I am working on for an all girl bike group called "Vixens". This painting is very similar to what the girls are looking for and painting it has invoked more inspiration for the drawing.