A couple online shops are open!

I am pleased to announce I have a couple new places for interested parties to purchase my art work and photography!
Please check out my new Instacanv.as gallery via photos I post on my instagram. Click on the link below. 

I also have opened up a shop and gallery on Society 6. This has a collection of paintings you can purchase on a variety of different sized canvas. 

 Please check them out and promote as you see fit! 

Happy Memorial Day. 
Thank you to all my friends - family and their families who have served and all our service men! 
Cheers! ^__^


Oodles of Doodles!

I have been getting back in to sketching everyday - I am also working on a few projects concurrently. Can't wait to see everything completed! 


Round 3 - New works by Zez!

A good friend if having a show opening tonight at Goosetown Tavern! 
If you are free come down for a beer and viewing. Just off of Colfax by the Bluebird Theater. 
Always a good time...! 


Dreamin On Chrome III

I will have a booth at this car show on June 23rd with my artistic cohort Xencs L Wing! We have some great things in the works!
If you like low riders + art come check it out!
The event is hosted by Casuals Cc.

A couple drawings


Little Dead Pets!

I love to draw with felt tip markers... Something I will never get sick of doing! I love the idea of learning to draw with out the convenience of an eraser and the quickness in which one can draw.. Here are some little characters coming to fruition - some are a little off but eventually will come to shape! 
I have also included a few final designs I will be painting and including in a new coloring book I am working on. 


Bidding has closed!

I am happy to report that both my skate board and mask have sold in their respective auctions! 
The skateboard proceeds will go to benefit Montana Skatepark Association to help build skate parks in Montana and keep them free to the public. 
The mask proceeds will benefit the Denver Hospice in the care of people who need assistance and care transitioning into the afterlife. 
Both of these organizations hold a special place in my heart and I am glad I was able to contribute my artistic talent to help continue their vision. 
I hope to partake in both of these events next year and hope to make Montana a new spring destination!


Second Saturday Wazee Union! May 12th

Studio 72 will have their doors open for this months 2nd Saturday at Wazee Union. We will have a variety of prints and paintings and original works of art for sale and display. Feel free to come on down and check out art from Harrison Nealey/Stereo Abstract - Gemini Heart - Delton Demarest - Alex Tischner + myself! 

We have the custom made console hanging up with Super Mario Bros 3 ready for you to play if you want to just chill as well. 
The main theme show for Wazee Union this Saturday is Cardboard + Concrete. Show proceeds benefit the Denver Voice.
See you Saturday! 
3501 Wazee Union 
Denver CO80216


On Deck 7 show photos

I took the following photos and comments from a post Delton Demarest put up about the show. {work smarter not harder!} Great comments from a great roll dog! Also there are a ton of great works to view from the show! 
via...DeltonDemarestArts.com Thank you DELTON! 

...Well what can I say, I am proud of Karma for creating such a nice painting for the show in Missoula, Mt. and I have to say that the show's variety, and vigor to sell so many works in gallery and online for a great organization, is quite admirable. Karma's skate sold, and another of our friends and fellow painters, Decoy, hailing from Washington D.C. had her skate hung as a pair with Karma's, you can see the works together in the photos above. A very cool and unintentional artistic twist to the showcase, I will let the photos speak for the remainder of the skate art. The other great highlights were the Haroshi works, both real treasures to behold in person. Wish we could've gotten our hands on one of the limited edition posters that were raffled, you can read and see more about this amazing resurrective artist in the detail photos. An honor to ride and share this show with Karma, and I hope to see and do more with On Deck in the future, a great grouping of creative energy in Missoula. Thanks for viewing a Studio 72 Karma spotlight post.

Links for the show and Gallery
Montana Skatepark
the brink


Montana - Yellowstone - Road trip to On Deck 7!

This was such a  great, quick road trip to attend the On Deck 7 show at the Brink Gallery. The drive was long and we covered about 2500+ miles in four days BUT it was so worth it! I have a few photos I want to share from my phone. I will be going through and editing photos from my camera and posting later.

Well - for now here is a quick picture recap via my iPhone photos!