Currently working on it

Needs some work in the hand area... may have to repaint entirely actually, but I really like her face! 


Booth tomorrow!

I will be here tomorrow selling my creative wares + wears alongside Xencs L Wing + Jose Jimenez come down!


Color Study - Miranda

A color study of an  older sketch I did. I have painted it once with out much thought and it looked horrible. This go round I am taking a bit more time before I finalize the painting. 


Photos from the Casuals CC Annual Car Show

Sadly - the show was on the first or second day of an incredibly long hot and record breaking heat wave {100+ temps...blegh}, I did little walking around as I had a nice tent set up for my booth and a truck next to me providing much needed shade! 
When I did wander I took these photos Enjoy! 


Cafe Cultura Presents: Art In The Park!

Xencs L Wing - Jose Jimenez and I will have a booth with our creative creations available for purchase! Go check it out and support a good cause! 

Open mic, art, food, vendors, & community!

WHERE: La Alma/Lincoln Park Amphitheater (12th Ave & Osage St...next to pool)

WHAT: All ages Open Mic Night

Come express yourself creatively or just chill with your people

$3 donation (nobody turned away)

Everyone is welcome!

-July Features:
--->Girls Inc. of Metro Denver Teens will present Theater of the Oppressed.
 Teens will perform on topics that have been discussed during their Global Awareness (Raise Your Voice) and Food Justice (The Roots) summer class at Girls Inc. Girls Inc. of Metro Denver believes that girls have the right to be themselves and to resist gender-stereotypes, to express themselves with originality and enthusiasm, to take risks, to strive freely, and to take pride in success, to accept and appreciate their bodies, to have confidence in themselves, to be safe in the world and to be prepared for interesting work and economic independence. 

---->Jonny 5 is an emcee with the band Flobots, a co-founder of the arts-empowerment organization Flobots.org, and community activist in Denver Colorado. Since age 16 he has been writing raps in order to make sense of himself and the world around him. He is very close to having it all figured out.

---->Special Guests from Albuquerque...a surprise!

---->Community Feature: Stronghold Society...Our mission is to inspire confidence, creativity, hope, and ambition for the youth of native and non-native communities. We want to encourage youth to take action to live a healthy life in mind, body, and spirit through the diverse means of skateboarding, arts, and creative movements. Stronghold Society’s goals are:
• To promote healthy way of life outlooks for youth of all races through skate competitions, media campaigns and community outreach work.
• To create and sustain skateparks in Native American communities through resources collected and/or developed by Stronghold Society.
• To empower young Native American girls to live life to its grandest through community gatherings offering support and guidance.
• To develop ongoing projects to empower our youth to live life.


Way Cooler App available from Alex Pardee + Franky Aguilar!!!

Check out the new App From Alex Pardee and Franky Aguilar! I did and I am WAY COOLER for it! 
Here is a little video and some screen shots of the amazing things you can make WAY COOLER! 

Also - here is the original blog post from MR Pardee himself! 


Poison Tee Shirts For sale at MEGAFAUNA!

Head on down to the RhiNo District and check out the eclectic, locally filled store Megafauna. Not only will you find my shirts there for you to purchase but there is a plethora of amazing items you can pick and wear in your ears, on your back + on your wall... Tons and TONS of awesome stuff! They also have a couple great vintage racks to peruse through as well. 
Also my business partner in crime XL Wing has her earrings her as well! 

Megafauna is located at 2701 Larimer St Denver 720.982.8049

The Store hours are Sunday - Wednesday 11am - 9pm  and Thursday - Saturday 11am - 10pm. 
The store is closed for siesta between 3pm + 5pm ^__^ 

Check out their website as well since they have a lot of different events 
they host as well. 

This Friday is Fourty Ounce Friday featuring 
Cassandra Griego