Washington Park Paint Out - At NIGHT!

So- I have signed up to participate in this years Denver Plein Arts Festival. It began on August 10th and I have attempted painting at Red Rocks. This last Sunday was my 3rd overall attempt at painting "en plein air" and my first attempt... in the dark.. or.... a "nocturne". I was joined by Delton Demarest and good friend and follow artist Javier Flores

I must say, painting at night on location can very well become something I fancy doing on a regular basis! The air was wonderful... The moon was glowing half of its light across the sky and the sounds are strange and peaceful. I have always been a nocturnal person and I honestly felt incredibly at home in the dark {well, the street lamplight helped a lot}. 

So, besides having forgotten the incredibly important crimson red I needed to mix my acrylics and my general lack of experience painting landscape, I pushed forward and attempted to do my best regardless of the circumstances. 

My painting is not complete but I do anticipate spending some time on it in my studio... May even give oil glazing a try... For now here are the shots of the night. 



Atomic Tamale in Lakewood!!!

Good friends of mine have relocated their business from downtown!!

La Muerte + Atomic Tamale are now in LAKEWOOD!

Atomic Tamale has THEE best vegan and vegetarian tamales around! The recipe was handed down in the family and adjusted to accommodate the non-meat-eaters of the world. 
I highly recommend taking a cruise west and grabbing a dozen or more - trust me you will want more then one! 

While you are there you can pick up one of the many awesome hand-made items from La Muerte Apparel. 

I have included the Yelp rating below.

Check them out and support local business! 

Atomic Tamale
1450 Carr StLakewood(303) 955-2898hours: Thurs- Sun 3-10pm

{I borrowed these photos from Yelp Reviewers!}


An Awesome And Successful Weekend!

There were a few things I was involved in over the weekend. This first event was Vanity Dollz 1st Annual Car Show - Totally great group of women put this show on. There were a lot of great vendors, performers and CARS! 
XL Wing, El Rey + I held down a booth again + had a great time chillin outside in the sun- It truly felt like home to us... La Shy girl also made an appearance... 

The second event was Indy's 10 year Anniversary Show. There were so many talented artists showcased, it was a blessing to have my work displayed amongst some really talented people. Thank you Dave + Aaron for creating such an incredible space were I have had the great fortune of meeting some great people!!! {Cant wait to play fantasy basketball league with you guys!}
Max K - thank you for curating the show! 

The last thing I did was participate in Denver Plein Air paint out at Red Rocks. This was my second attempt at painting landscape and on location... Definitely not my forte - however - by the end of the event I hope to produce something of significant quality and style, true to myself.
I ended up painting over the progress... Next time I will keep on pushing! I also feel like I have a better idea of my own personal progression towards a final product and what tools I need to use acrylic outside. 
I know, I should probably try oil - but not yet... 

Later on Sunday I went the Meadowlark to sell more jewelry with Ms XL Wing + El Rey. The event was hosted by Denver Nuggets DJ Bedz+ DJ LowKey with proceeds going to Denver Safe House. DJ Bedz momma bought a pair of the Wu earrings! She loved them and was so cute modeling them for me! 

Here is a pictorial review of the weekends events! 


Rummaging through old things

Going through some old files, books + boxes and have come across some old drawings I want to rework and actually paint. 

Found these from a decade ago!!!
I really like the little rabbit guy with the yo-yo. 
I always have been more into drawing with ink and pen, one-shot drawing - or with little or no erasing with pencil. All three of these images were freehand and haven't been touched since. 

Its funny to me too, how little my hand writing has changed over the course of a decade... Even being someone who is obsessed with graphology and hand-styles! 

Gearing up for tomorrow - just wanted to put these little guys out on the interwebs! 


Indy Ink 10 YEAR Anniversary show AND Vanity Dollz 1st Annual car Show! Aug 18th!

This Saturday is gearing up to be a great day! Wazee Union will be host to the 1st Annual Car Show put on by Vanity Dollz who are current occupants of the warehouse space. 

Xencs L Wing + I will have a booth there with all of our merch as well as art for sale. Definitely come check it out! There is a ton of space for lowriders and classic cars too! 

I will head from the booth to shake HANDS and kiss babies over at Indy Ink! 
The requirements for the show were 8" x10" and had to have your work on paper. 
For my piece, I tried my hand at acrylic on watercolor paper. I cut the final character out and attached to a piece of water color paper I spray painted with Evolve and attached that to another piece of spray painted water color paper. 
I am happy with the final piece, though, I wish I would have invested in a higher quality water color paper from the get... I wasted a lot of time messing with a very poor quality paper... So, my future attempts should be a little lighter and hopefully this is something I can capture the delicacy of charm better! 

I included a progress shot of partner in crime Delton Demarest's piece for the show + my final piece. Also - The flyer with info for the car show!!!




Photo updates!

I sold some jewlery last night! Big shout out to the skills of Xencs L Wing on the hand-crafted pieces!
Please check my Etsy store in my links if interested!

Also - Denver Plein Air kicked off Friday. One month painting in "plein air" throughout the Golden Triangle area as well as other locations in the city for the next month. This will be my first attempt at painting like this! Wish me luck!


Van Gogh Exhibit at DAM!

This fall, Denver will be host to painter Vincent Van Gogh's work. 
This will be the only place in America you will be able to see over 70 works in one place from all over North America and Europe. 
I am incredibly excited to see this exhibit! I have only seen one Van Gogh in person, "Sunflowers" at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in

Van Gogh's painting "Self Portrait With Bandaged Ear" was also the inspiration for a painting I did entitled, "Portrait of Holyfield With Bandaged Ear" for a sports themed art show last year. 

Here is the information for the exhibit and verbiage from the DAM website. 

****An in-depth exploration of Vincent van Gogh’s unconventional path to becoming one of the world’s most recognizable artists, Becoming Van Gogh examines critical steps in his artistic evolution through more than 70 paintings and drawings by Van Gogh, along with works by artists to whom he responded. Becoming Van Goghbrings together loans from more than 60 public and private collections throughout Europe and North America to tell the story of a number of key formative periods throughout the artist’s career. Denver is the only venue for this exhibition. A special dated and timed ticket will be required. Tickets will go on sale to DAM members August 1 at 10 am and to the public on August 15 at 10 am.

Link to the DAM 

I have also included  the painting I did and the painting it was inspired by! 

{Can't wait for my friend Meg Herbert to come back to Denver to check it out!}


Indy Ink 10 year Anniversary Show!!!

Great line up of artists Thanks Indy Ink for the inclusion and cant wait to see you all on the 18th! 

Check out IndyInk.com


Jewelry For Sale!

Check out my Etsy shop to purchase any of these earrings for sale! 
All earrings are from portions of original paintings I created and hand crafted by Denver's own Xencs L Wing. She also has a lot of great jewelry of her own as well as her own Etsy page!!!

Here is the link to our Etsy pages...