This Saturday 8 Bit 2 at Family Affair Oct 13th!

Come down and check out new work by Denver artists! 
The DJs for the night will be local legends Es Nine and Tense

I asked my brother to collab with me on this new project, I really have enjoyed how inspired he has become while living with me. This will be our first  sibling collab so excited to show it! 

See you there! 


Its the Last Day to Register to VOTE!!!

Regardless of my political affiliation or thoughts about government, I feel it is incredibly important to vote! 

The 19th Amendment was passed less the 100 years ago and to me, it would be a disservice to all of the hard work the women before me put in to make this possible for me. I trust and believe they had foresight and it was for their daughters, grand-daughters, great-granddaughters and would be for naught, if I were to not participate. 

 I do feel a little disheartened by politics, or politicians and very sadden and disgusted by the ridiculous ads I see on my lunch rooms television; Each   candidate taking turns bashing one another with vague and conveniently edited clips, perfectly timed grimaces, facial captures and finger pointing... I still feel it is my blessing to vote. Some feel voting is a false sense of importance, a false belief an individual or a whole can make a difference. Some feel voting simply does not matter. I can not allow myself to become numb and still live here, content with all the blessings I have been afforded. 

I feel BLESSED to be able to voice my opinion in my blog, on my facebook through my photography and on the streets. I may be chastised for my opinion sometimes but I can honestly say I am lucky to continue to be able to voice it. 

I have learned it is more important to stand apart from the norm then to blend in... Blending in now-a-days is doing nothing and becoming numb. 

One last thing I feel about this years election, A quote from Susan B Anthony seems to be eerily relevant. 


And Another One Bites The Dust...

Another sketch I did recently. Been having a lot of fun sketching with colored pencil. I like the softness while I am scribbling on paper and I also like being able to semi blend mistakes. Having a lot of fun drawing lately!