Commission for a birthday gift

At one of my live painting nights at Adore recently, I was commissioned to paint a girl as a gift from her friends. They asked me to incorporate owls, peacock feathers and big hair and make it fantasy like some of my other work. The only catch, they needed it in 3 days, one of which was already booked up with other commitments! 

I did it though! With a lot of coffee, some popcorn and not a lot of sleep, I was able to finish the piece, varnish it and wrap it with a big red bow as per their request and deliver it on time for her birthday celebration! I did not, unfortunately, get great photos of it due to timing. 

This was a lot of fun to draw, paint and test how far I can go with limited time and being only the second blonde I have done and my first time doing peacock feathers. 
Everyone was super happy with the piece and the gals who commissioned it were thrilled it was way better then they had hoped! 

Here are some shots and the painting with the birthday girl!